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The Riches Of Scripture

Some time ago,Gutenberg_Bible at a luncheon, I sat next to a young family man, a Catholic, about 40 years of age.  In our conversation, he mentioned how, two years previously, he had found a new interest in Holy Scripture.  Up to that time, he described himself as an ordinary church-goer, with just a passable prayer life.

In his own words, he discovered a new world in Holy Scripture.  “I read the scriptures for a few minutes each day in a prayerful spirit”, he said.  “The way this daily reading has changed my life amazes me.  My faith in God, and especially Christ, has come alive as never before.  I find a spirit of happiness in my heart.”

The story of this ordinary young man, Bob, can encourage all of us to walk in his footsteps.  Even before he described his new found interest in the Scriptures, I could see a spirit of joyfulness in his eyes.  Unknown to him, his prayerful reading of God’s Word was changing his appearance, giving him a manner of gentleness and peacefulness to all.  Surely, Scripture had affected his heart.  This can be the story of all of us who imitate his interest in Holy Scripture.

We need to take our Bible down from the shelf!  Leave it open on the table!  As we leave for work or school, we can read for a few minutes from God’s Holy Word.  I suggest the Book of Psalms (150 of them), filled with short phrases: inspiring material for our prayer life for that day.  I like this one: “God blesses those who are kind to the poor.” (Psalm 41:1)  God is speaking to us personally.  Say these words frequently through the day.  Choose a different verse each day!

Years ago, in London, England, I heard a young priest say at a week day Mass, “Take Holy Scripture and turn it around and around in your mouth, much a youngster does with a piece of candy.  Savor it.  Taste it.”  Prayer can be the most exciting experience of a lifetime.  Why?  Because prayer, conversing with God, can bring you into a close friendship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  Are there any persons as exciting and creative as These Three Persons?  Think of this!  God made 300,000 kinds of beetles, a lowly, unsung bug!

Once, I saw a woman taxi driver, outside the Midway Airport Terminal, reading her Bible while waiting for a fare.  She inspired me much in my efforts to treasure the Word of God.

Fr. George Mc Kenna

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Look Upwards

Last month, many Florida residents took pictures of what they saw when they looked upward!

Last month, many Florida residents took pictures of what they saw when they looked upward!

In 1976, the Rectory of our Immaculate Conception Mission, in Bethel, in far western Alaska, was situated only 200 yards from the great wild Kuskokwin River.  On my off days, my only recreation was to take a long hike along this twisting River for three miles to the local Airport.  Renewed by coffee and a hamburger, I would retrace my steps along the Kuskokwin.  The cool air and the awesome scenery made the outing really exhilarating and soul satisfying.

One off day, as I stood looking down at the seaplanes moored at the River’s edge, a station wagon and a car drove up.  Six Eskimos took a coffin from the station wagon and reverently carried it down the steep incline to the pontoon plane.  Minutes later, the seaplane roared off into the sky to the north.

A native Eskimo had died at the Central Hospital in Bethel, far from his birthplace.  At this time, the plane carried the man back to his native village, a 100 miles up the River, to his real home, to be buried in sacred ground.

In that stark, wild setting, the thought came to me that this land we live in is not our real home.  For a short time, we are only passing through this strange and alien world.  At death, angels will carry us far away to our true home in Heaven.

With this in mind, we want to fill our days with loving faithfulness to the Great God with Whom we will spend some time each day in looking upwards.  Usually, people think of Heaven as being beyond those blue skies and puffy white clouds . . . Look Upwards!

We can say. . . There is my real home.  All that I have here on earth will pass away . . . These words make a powerful prayer.  In physical pain, in all the disturbances of life, temptations of evil, we can look to Heaven for consolation and refreshment of spirit.  Many wholesome, encouraging thoughts will flood our minds to help us persevere in God’s service.

Fr. George Mc Kenna

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