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Two Cathedrals

The roofless ruins of the old Cathedral

The roofless ruins of the old Cathedral

One day, I drove into the City of Coventry in Northern England, with one goal in mind, to view the ruins of the Cathedral bombed out in the air raids of World War II.

Only the lower part of the walls of this once magnificent Church had survived the rain of death from the skies.  Grass covered what had been the main body of the edifice.

The worshipers had responded to this destruction by raising up a new, modern Cathedral on the grounds adjoining the ruins.  As I walked through this light-filled House of Worship, I admired the faith of the Coventry people in raising up another splendid, glowing Temple of Prayer for all to come after them.

On this Easter Sunday, we rejoice that death did not conquer the Lord, the Messiah, on that first Good Friday.  He raised Himself up from the tomb into a shining image of hope for all his faithful followers.

Perhaps, we find ourselves sitting among the ruins of our lives brought on by our own weakness and lack of faith.  At this Resurrection Time, we can have new hope that we can change our death dealing life style into a glorious way of life.

Jesus, the Risen Lord, approaches us with His greeting, “Peace Be With You!”  We can step out of the ruins of what has been and grasp the Hand of the Gentle Christ Who wishes to help us build an even greater edifice of our lives, all bright and inspiring with prayer and good works of every kind.

I shall never forget Coventry and its two Cathedrals.  The memory has often given me new hope in striving for a better life.

A Joyous Easter To All!!

Fr. George Mc Kenna

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If Only I Came To Know Christ Sooner

Palm SundayThis experience has happened to me frequently.  As I turn on the radio, I hear the last bars of a favorite piece of music, maybe Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony.  A sadness fills my heart!  How I would have enjoyed hearing this masterpiece from the beginning!  I turned on the radio too late.  Has the reader gone through this kind of sadness?

We can transfer this experience to our life story.  What if we should see the Grandeur and the Glory of the Person of Christ in the last weeks or days of life?  Here I am on my death bed, when suddenly, by inspiration or a heavenly vision, I glimpse the Attractiveness and the Greatness of Jesus of Nazareth.  I cry out, “I wish I had seen the splendor of the Lord sooner when I was young and healthy.  What a difference this would have made in my life!”  A terrible sadness will chill my heart.

In March, 1995, we buried a young woman of 35 years of age.  She left behind a grieving husband and two little boys, ages five and three.  From childhood, this person had always been a faith-filled Catholic, but two years before her death, a sudden inspiration took hold of her thoughts and mind.  Somehow, the Person of Christ captured her heart and desires, pushing her to spread the Kingdom of God in her community.  Her enthusiasm encouraged many other young women her age to join with her in working for holiness in their parish.

In her last months of life, as she bore patiently many sufferings, she told me of a new excitement and delight that came into her life on sensing the Beauty of the young Preacher from Nazareth.  After her death, I began to look into my life, with the determination to latch on to a new Vision of the Lord of Life and Death.  I don’t want any death bed sayings, “If only I had.”

Perhaps, our days follow one after another in gloomy fashion, a dreary procession of uninspired happenings.  How quickly this would change if we captured this Vision of the Messiah, Jesus of Nazareth!  A new excitement would enter our lives and fill our days with an unexplainable happiness, no matter what our crosses might be.  We would live above our own immediate needs and cares to think of spreading the Kingdom of God as this woman did.

On this Palm Sunday, witness the enthusiastic shouts of the followers of the Lord as He makes His way into Jerusalem on the back of a donkey.  For a brief moment, these delirious people saw what a Noble and Humble Person Jesus was, as they hailed Him their King.  Sad to say, this fervor lasted only a short time.  During Holy Week, be present in a loving way at the ceremonies honoring our King, Jesus of Nazareth.

Fr. George Mc Kenna

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