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With Faith In God, I Can Overcome Any Obstacle

NotreDameParisIn the splendid Cathedrals of Europe, I found great inspiration for my faith in God.  My favorite one has always been Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France.  Build some 800 years ago, around 1200 A.D., over a period of 100 years, this magnificent House of Workshop tells the world of the remarkable faith in God of the builders and the people of those times.  With much sacrifice, these men and women decided to build a Holy Place worthy of the Greatness of God.

Oftentimes, in my many visits to Notre Dame, I sat there within its awesome interior, amidst the swirl of tourists from all nations, and made plans to erect such a holy building within my heart and spirit.  This I would do with good works and willingly accepted sufferings.  An altar would hold my offerings of prayers.  At any time of the day, I could enter this sacred place within me, for time with God.  My faith would be alive, similar to that of the builders of Notre Dame in Paris.

I encourage our readers to have a burning desire to raise a mighty Cathedral of Worship within their souls for the honor and glory of God.  What beauty and goodness we would see within ourselves.  Have confidence that with our faith, our belief in God’s power, this is all possible!  Do we not believe in the presence of the Holy Spirit within us?

I have given thousands and thousands of homilies and talks over 68 years.  After all this speaking about God, I conclude that, after the gift of life, next comes the gift of faith, a belief in a God always with us.  Prize our Catholic Faith above all other possessions.  Our faith gives meaning to our lives in the midst of all our sufferings.  We are here only for a short time, to prepare ourselves for Heaven.

Recently, I asked a waitress, a longtime friend from a previous parish, “How is your faith life?  Do you attend Church on weekends?”  She responded, “My faith is my everything.  I couldn’t live without it.”  Without our faith in God, we would be like a ship without a rudder.  Such a ship is at the mercy of the winds and the waves.  It cannot head for any definite place because it is pushed back and forth in all directions.  Our faith steers us to peace.

Daily prayer, weekly worship, keeping the Commandments, will strengthen our faith in God and help us to be holy people on earth.

Fr. George Mc Kenna

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Put Out The Red Carpet Of Welcome

WelcomeOne morning, after breakfast, in Jerusalem, a Belgian priest told me an unusual story about Christ.  All the Belgian people speak excellent English.  “Today”, the priest said, “I am going to the village of Taibe, about 20 miles north of here.  When Jesus was fleeing from His enemies in Galilee, He came to Taibe where he received food, drink and warm hospitality.  In the 2,000 years since then”, the priest went on to tell me, “this village and it’s people have always remained faithful to the Person of Jesus and His teachings.  History bears this out.  The villagers of Taibe consider this gift of faithfulness to be the blessing that Jesus left with them for their kindness shown to Him.”

What a compelling story I thought to myself; one which I had never read about in any book.  The Lord richly rewards those who offer Him hospitality and welcome.  To me, the Belgian priest acted as a messenger of an inspired story from God.

When I welcome the Lord warmly, with affection into my heart – my home, I am making my heart – my home a modern day village of Taibe.  With me, the Lord feels safe and blesses my heart and home in ways beyond all description.

At our reception of the Eucharist, Jesus of Nazareth comes into our hearts, not as a symbol of Himself, but rather as the True Person of the Gospels.  If we greet Him week after week with enthusiasm and devotion, He will do what He has done at the village of Taibe for these 2,000 years, namely give us a spirit of faithfulness to Himself and His teachings.

The Lord of Taibe can come to us under many disguises: as a poor person seeking help, a handicapped child, a sick relative needing a word of encouragement.  Jesus has identified Himself with all His brothers and sisters.  “Whatsoever you do to the least of mine, you do to Me.”  This is the amazing adventure of our journey of faith.

Be conscious of this truth.  Treat everyone crossing our path as a Christ-bearer.  Put an empty chair at the dinner table and at meal prayers offer Christ an invitation to a home cooked meal.  He will be there.

Fr. George Mc Kenna

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