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Think Of Others

Saint Louis Hospital Jerusalem

Oftentimes, when I notice all my prayers centering on myself and my own fulfillment, I purposely think of others, the sick, the weary, and the downhearted.  Someone said recently, “Jesus enters your life when you begin to think of others.”  Evidently, an exaggeration, but it does hold much truth.

In Jerusalem, I came to know the Hospital of St. Louis, a four storied building, just outside the walls of the Old City.  French nuns staff this Residence for people with incurable diseases.  As many times as I passed this building, I never saw visitors entering or leaving.  No one came to see these suffering people.

In my weary moments, when self-pity and monotony of life would hold sway in my thoughts, I would walk to the front of this House of Mercy.  There, on the busy boulevard, with my arms outstretched, I would pray for those who would die that day, for those in excruciating pain and for those who could not sleep.

When I did this, I came away refreshed, free from nagging fears and worries.  The Lord felt much closer to me because I had proven that I was interested in all His people, especially His needy ones.  Even now, in Chicago, especially when I can’t sleep at night and life seems dark and gloomy, I go back to the Hospital of St. Louis in spirit.  Peace comes along quickly with sleep.

In our neighborhoods, wherever we live, many of our brothers and sisters suffer in body and mind.  Many lead meaningless lives, the greatest pain of all.  Close by us, young girls and boys struggle to live in a frightful world of sensuality and self-indulgence.  Our prayers can help these neighbors.

When we notice that our prayers and thoughts are taken up completely with ourselves and our own interests go in spirit to the homes of these suffering people and leave blessings there in the forms of our prayers.  We need not know the exact address of these homes.  We will experience a deep peace!              

Fr. George Mc Kenna

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