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A Change Of Attitude Can Work Wonders

William James
American Psychologist and Philosopher

One summer, years ago, I was having much difficulty with my car motor overheating.  Especially on long rides, the car interior would fill with a high temperature of uncomfortable heat, making the trips something less than joyrides.  After trying many things, over a period of weeks, the mechanic pulled out the old radiator and inserted a new one.  My overheating problems ended at that point.  The mechanic didn’t tell me to buy another car, or put in a new motor, or trade my Ford Torino.  No, out with the faulty element and in with the new radiator!  Result:  Smooth, safe and enjoyable car rides for myself.

Early last century, William James, the world renowned psychologist of Harvard University, wrote that the most wondrous things about a human being is that by simply changing one’s attitude, one can alter one’s way of living.  Attitude means the frame of mind a person has, his way of looking at life.

How well for all to check on their attitudes toward life!  A person’s outlook towards living could be faulty, working poorly, causing one miserable experience after another.  Life has become anything but a joyride.  William James said, by pulling out this old way of viewing life and putting in a new one, a human being can change his life overnight.  With a decision of the will, a man or woman can bring this about.

What a thrilling message of hope this is!  People don’t have to yearn to be another person, or wish to be reborn again.  NO!  Only a fresh, new attitude is required to change yourself.

Fr. George Mc Kenna

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  1. …so true Fr. George! As always you teach us with every word of love & hope!!! An attitude of gratitude will keep us at the right “altitude” very day! God’s Blessings, Love & Grace, Marianne

    Comment by mcs | September 29, 2012 | Reply

  2. So well said, Fr. George! Hope you are doing well – I promise to write to you this week! Thank you for your many stories that inspire and bless us always! Love you! Nancy

    Comment by Nancy Westvang | September 30, 2012 | Reply

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