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A Craving For The Heavenly Bread

Pope Benedict Celebrating The Eucharist

I can vividly recall one of the most enjoyable meals I have ever eaten.  Back in November, 1974, I boarded a train at dawn in Genoa, Italy, a northern city.  An all-day train ride would bring me to Lourdes, France.  I was voraciously hungry that morning because I had eaten little the day before.  Strange to say, I wasn’t dreaming of a gourmet meal, a fancy dinner.  All I could think of was bread.

Three hours later on the train, I obtained some fresh Italian bread and a big mug of hot coffee.  That bread tasted as no other bread or meal had ever tasted!  It satisfied my craving for food and gave me strength for the long journey.

As the years passed by, I would often think back on that experience and ask myself, “Could I develop the same craving for the Eucharistic Bread of my Faith?”  To crave something means to desire a thing strongly to fulfill some need.  Yes, I can intensely desire This Eucharistic Food over all other foods in order to bring nourishment to my soul!  It’s a matter of faith, appreciating the Presence of Christ in Holy Communion through prayer.

In April, 1998, I took sick and spent some days in hospitals.  For the record, the worst part of those six weeks of illness came in the fact of losing my sense of taste.  Everything I ate tasted the same, like sawdust, an awful experience.  In June, I ate my first piece of bread in many weeks.  Tragically, we can lose our sense of taste in regard to the Holy Eucharist, by allowing the reception of Communion to be a mere routine, a ho-hum happening.

Have we lost our taste for this Miracle of Christ’s Goodness?  Relish the Eucharist!  Develop a craving for It!  How to make this happen?  On the way to Mass, on weekends, we can keep reminding ourselves of the Coming of the Lord to us in Holy Communion.  Say often, “I shall be united with Jesus of Nazareth soon, the same Person of the Gospels.  What shall I say to Him?”

In the midst of trials in midweek, we can tell ourselves, “This weekend I will receive Christ the Lord.  He will strengthen me to live through these difficult days.”  After communion, the elements of His Body and Blood remain in our bodies for fifteen minutes.  His Presence envelops our soul, our spirit, so intimately, that we could not distinguish one from the other.  What a perfect time for sharing life with Christ!

A non-Catholic man said to a friend, “If I truly believed in the Presence of Jesus of Nazareth in the Eucharistic Host, it would take a team of horses to keep me away from receiving the Eucharist every chance I could get.”  Beware of the deadly habit of taking This Miracle of our Faith for granted!  I, as a priest, pray every day for a greater love for the Body and Blood of Christ.  How easy for me to grow lax and careless in handling These Holy Things!

August 4, 2012 - Posted by | Bulletins


  1. Thank you Fr. George for nourishing us with His Word and His Eucharist…with every encounter of His Word and His Sacraments we are drawn closer to Him…it is you and all our priests that make this possible!
    We are so close to Him in Communion…something we must never forget and nurture always…thank you
    for reminding us in such a special way! Thank you for your vocation! Blessings & Love, Marianne

    Comment by mc simms | August 4, 2012 | Reply

  2. Hi Fr George!! What a beautiful post this time. Some days in church I get annoyed with the people going up to Communion so casually or even disrespectfully. But, then I think ‘who am I to judge them!’. They have to develop their own relationship with our Eucharistic Lord. As someone who was away from the Church for awhile, I have a deep appreciation for this Sacrament. And I have admiration for you my dear friend!! Praying for you daily!


    Comment by Nancy Westvang | August 9, 2012 | Reply

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