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A Special Young Girl

Charlene Marie Richard died on August 11, 1959 at the age of twelve from acute leukemia after a stay of thirteen days in the hospital in Lafayette, Louisiana.  She was buried next to the parish church in the graveyard where the tombs are above the ground.  Her home town of Richard lies far back in the countryside of Louisiana, a difficult place to reach by any means of transportation.

On the 13th anniversary of her death in 1989, some 5,000 people attended an outdoor Mass at the small cemetery in Richard, Louisiana.  Reporters from nine newspapers and six television stations made up part of this completely silent congregation.

A Father Joseph Brennan, hospital chaplain at the Lafayette hospital, visited Charlene every day of her stay until her death.  On his first visit, he told her, “Charlene, you are a very sick girl.  In two weeks, a beautiful lady is coming to take you back home.”  He was referring to the Blessed Mother.  Charlene’s answer startled him, “When that lady comes, I will say to her, ‘Blessed Mother, Father Brennan said hello.’ ”

Each day the priest came, she would ask him, “Who do you want me to offer up my pain for today?”  He had told her that it would be good if she could offer up her suffering for someone.

Immediately, after her death, people began praying to this young girl, asking her to intercede for them with God.  A number of instances have shown the success of these prayers.

I might mention this one point about a priest, a Father Calais, who prayed to Charlene for a parish appointment from the Bishop of Lafayette Diocese in Louisiana.  In two weeks, Father Calais received a letter from the Bishop, telling him to be Pastor of the little girl’s home parish in Richard.  Once there, he could look out of his Rectory window and see her tomb, at which he prayed every day.  Quite the answer!

Nothing extraordinary happened in the girl’s life.  Like all children, she cried out in her pain, but the same could be said for St. Therese of Lisieux, the Little Flower.  500,000 prayer cards have been distributed and 15,000 copies of her life story in paperback.  We can pray to her.  I know I will!

Fr. George Mc Kenna

July 14, 2012 - Posted by | Bulletins

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  1. Thank you I never knew this story.Blessings, Kim Reicher

    Comment by Anonymous | July 15, 2012 | Reply

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