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The Story Of The Lemon Cream Pie

We remember loving people and their loving deeds.  Back in the 1930s in the middle of the Great Depression, my Aunt Marie (also my godmother) would always bring a big lemon crème pie on her visits to our home.  I had a special taste for the luxury desert.  Aunt Marie knew!  All this took place some eighty years ago; but every time I eat lemon cream pie, I think of my loving Aunt Marie and bless her.  Pretend that we could come back in a second life, be reincarnated, with all the wisdom and experience of the first life in our possession.  If God would ask me at this time, “What gift would you like to have?  Ask for anything you wish!” – I wouldn’t ask for riches, high social position, a sharp intelligence.  My request would be: “Lord, make me a loving person”.

Why this gift?  The people who helped me the most in life were loving persons, such as my Aunt Marie, teachers who spoke positive, encouraging words and respected me despite my failures.  In the presence of gentle friends, I found myself at ease.  Only the love of my parents and family made it possible for me to grow and mature in a normal way. 

We need not come back in a second life to bring the gift of love into our lives.  In this present day, all of us can freely choose to be loving persons.  Take out “loving’ and put in any of these words: patient, forgiving, friendly, encouraging, rejoicing, or unselfish.

Loving persons accomplish the most good in life.  They bring peace to themselves, because they refuse to compete with others by trying to have the upper hand in all happenings of life.  In boosting others, they share in their accomplishments and bring extra joy into their lives.

I remember a little girl receiving the Eucharist in her hand.  In the middle of her palm, she had written the word “love”.  She will have a lasting place in my memory.  Look back in life and notice the power of loving actions for good.

As we rise from bed in the morning, a good prayer would be: “Lord, I want to be a loving person today, with only loving thoughts in my mind and loving words on my lips.”  Have confidence that we can act out this ideal.

Fr. George Mc Kenna

June 16, 2012 - Posted by | Bulletins


  1. What I remember in the past is Fr Mckenna as my teacher at Quigley seminary ’58-’59 Thanks Paul Krueger

    Comment by Paul Krueger | June 16, 2012 | Reply

  2. God reward and bless my confessor for five years at Quigley– and for making me want to be a big piece of Lemon cream pie!

    Comment by Joseph C. Owens | June 17, 2012 | Reply

  3. With every word you inspire and teach us to love & serve Him!!! I am forever grateful to have met you at the Midway Chapel on the 60th anniversary of your ordination…it was “His Flight Plan” …and what a gift of faith & light & love!
    Thank you forever…for your work for Him, for us, His sheep! God’s Blessings, Love & Grace, Marianne

    Comment by Anonymous | June 18, 2012 | Reply

  4. Father McKenna ~ always went where he was needed ~ now he is needed all aver the world ~ so now he us on the world wide web!
    God Bless You, for your inspirational stories. Thank you, Father McKenna

    Comment by Toody Parker | June 22, 2012 | Reply

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