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A Heart Touching Experience In Jerusalem

A Postcard from a friend
Rembrandt’s figure du Christ

Some years ago, on a cold Sunday night in January, I snuggled down under my blankets in the Old City of Jerusalem.  With my little radio in hand, I was waiting to hear a religious program beamed every Sunday evening to the Middle East by the BBC from London, England.  Through relay stations, the BBC offered a religious service held that day somewhere in England.

Suddenly, the quiet, pleasing voice of a priest began to speak about the value of friendship with the young Rabbi from Galilee, Jesus of Nazareth, about the beauty of His Life.  He spoke for some minutes, not as if he had taken these notes from a book, but from his own personal experience.  For reasons unknown, his words sent my heart spinning as never before, at the possibility of this friendship.

Perhaps this happened because I was hearing them in Jerusalem where Jesus preached and died, or maybe, because I was alone, 10,000 miles from home.  Another reason, the best of all I think, had to be why I came to Jerusalem in the first place, to drink in “the Spirit of Christ”.  My heart lay open to the message of the English priest.

That priest, after his preaching might have said to himself, “another homily wasted”.  No, he had touched my heart thousands of miles away and still does.  At present, when I find myself taking the Lord for granted, I fall back on that night in Jerusalem and find my heart spinning again.

We pray our hearts are spinning at the possibility of deepening our friendship with the young Rabbi from Nazareth, along with His Spirit of Living.  In the four Gospels we find His “Spirit”, His compassion, kindness, gentleness and humility.

Fr. George Mc Kenna

June 2, 2012 - Posted by | Bulletins


  1. Hi Fr George! We are back from Europe – I will call you soon.. thank you for this and the other new posts, all are so beautifully written. I am so happy to read these posts and to know that you are still writing…. I hope that you are doing good. I was able to say many a prayer in the various churches that we visited in Europe. We even made it to St. Gervais in Paris – it is beautiful and I have a picture of the crucifix with Jesus as you described it. Take care, miss you! Nancy

    Comment by Nancy W. | June 3, 2012 | Reply

  2. Dearly beloved Father McKenna! You were my weekly confessor and spiritual guide for five years at Quigley, 1953-1958. Your influence in my life has never been equaled. God bless, reward, and keep you for those five joyful years of my youth.

    Comment by Joseph C. Owens | June 4, 2012 | Reply

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