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A Bishop Leaves Me With An Inspiring Thought

My First Mass – May 7, 1944
St. Columbanus

In early June, 1994, I joined with 550 other Chicago priest for a four-day series “Convocation Days” at Pheasant Run in nearby St. Charles, Illinois.  Part business and part social, the “Days” provide us priests with a chance to spend time together, celebrate a joyful Mass each day and listen to some speakers.  I thoroughly enjoyed this relaxing experience offered by late Cardinal Bernardin.

Of all the words I heard from homilies and lectures, I most remember one line, spoken by Bishop Untener of Saginaw, Michigan.  This talented man, still a hockey player at the age of fifty and with one foot missing, spoke these words one morning.  “Do not allow your prayers to dead end in Jesus.”  I had never heard this idea put into these words!

Yes, certainly continue prayers every day to Lord Jesus; but also, go beyond Jesus to God, the Father and God, the Holy Spirit.  The Bishop was saying that the full picture of the Kingdom includes not only Jesus, but also the Father and the Spirit.  Since that day the Bishop spoke, I have, as never before, been more conscious of all Three Persons in my daily prayers, with a resultant increase of appreciation and love for Them.  A new excitement and enthusiasm had entered into my pursuit of God and His Love!

Years ago, I found myself out on a golf course in the middle of a heavy rainstorm, standing with others in a shelter.  God, the Creator, provide me with an exciting mediation on His Greatness and Genius.  In the sky above, threatening dark clouds paraded their beauty, accompanied by booming music of thunder and the dagger-like thrusts of lightening.  In the cascading rain, I could smell its sweetness, as it washed clean the countryside.  “What a Great Person the Father is!” I cried out to myself.  All these spectacular happenings of Nature reflect in a small, infinitesimal way His Creative and Loving Mind.  I want to know This Person better!

Yes, the words of Bishop Untener were working in me.  “Don’t allow your prayers to dead end in Jesus.”  Consider the marvelous truth that the Holy Spirit lives within each one.  Wherever we see love in the world, we know the Spirit is close at hand.  Every weekend, in Midway airport, I would notice blind travelers with their “seeing-eye” dogs.  How devoted and concerned for the safety of their owners these wonderfully trained animals are as they guide their sightless masters to their planes.

The Holy Spirit has infused into their hearts the power to serve their blind masters until death.  Each day, I am more conscious of begging the Spirit to work miracles of love in my poor, human heart.  Thanks, Bishop Untener!

Fr. George Mc Kenna

May 19, 2012 - Posted by | Bulletins


  1. Fr. George Mc Kenna,
    The feeling in my heart. The picture you have described; the thunder storm, the seeing eye dog. You end with, “I am more conscious of begging the Spirit to work miracles of love in my poor, human heart.” This last part, in the last 15 months, I will say, I too am more conscious of begging the Holy Spirit to work miracles, “of love”, to mend, my broken, poor, human heart.

    Comment by James | May 23, 2012 | Reply

  2. Fr Mc Kenna, I always look for your Homily Sheet at my Church, St Germaine. Yesterday I went to Mass at the Chapel at Little Company of Mary Hospital and there I saw one of your papers in the pew at Mass. I was so happy to see if. I find all of your Homily’s so inspiring. My faith has brought me thru some tough times. I also have had a very blessed life. My God continue to let you do your good work until He calls you home for your reward in Heaven. God Bless you dear Fr Mc Kenna.

    Comment by Nancy Chesniak | July 10, 2012 | Reply

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