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Who Is Happy?

My Mother!

From a past parish assignment, I knew a young woman, 20 years at the time, suffering from a tragic sickness, anorexia nervosa, an exaggerated form of dieting sometimes leading to starvation and death.  All food for the victim takes on a threatening appearance to the extent that just to eat makes the patient terribly sick.  During her illness, as her family and counselor were encouraging her to eat and live, she came up with this statement: “Why live, nobody is happy here.”

These words make me stop and think, “How happy am I?  What is keeping me from happiness?”  As I look around, I see few truly happy people, including myself.  Although America is a land of plenty and opportunities, still people generally are not satisfied with what they have.  With all its stresses, modern day living keeps everyone on edge, nervous and jittery.

Some circumstances or conditions in life always appear to hold us back from taking a relaxing sigh and saying, “Yes, I’m happy.”  A little cloud in the sky grabs our attention and makes us forget all the blue up there.  How helpful for everyone to write down the blessings of life.  The constant cry in life is more fame, more success, more money, a bigger house, more recognition from others.  In the search for happiness, a blinded people overlook the simple joys of life and seek fulfillment in amassing more earthly riches.

As you eat breakfast, you might say this to yourself, “I am eating eggs, I am chewing bacon, I am sitting with my family.”  This exercise keeps us in touch with the here and now, making us conscious of what we are doing.  We then can enjoy fully this experience of family life, without allowing our thoughts to be off on some future happening of the day.

In life, nearly everyone has some physical weakness, an Achilles heel of some kind, poor sight, diminished hearing, heart conditions, arthritis, and an assortment of other pains and aches.  If a person concentrates on this weakness, he will use all his time on bemoaning his poor lot in life and lose out on the possibility of experiencing happiness.

For happiness, consistently turn to the everyday pleasant experiences that can do much to bring us peace and contentment: the breeze on our face, the taste of lemonade on a hot day, the coming of the sun, the changing scene in the sky and a thousand other such pieces of daily life.

Fr. George Mc Kenna

Today’s picture is of me and my mother – a source of happiness in my life.  RIP Oct 27, 1965

April 14, 2012 - Posted by | Bulletins


  1. Father,

    Just a note on how much your postings mean to me. I read every one of them. This one on happiness really hits home. Thank You..

    Cliff Peloquin ( old quigle south student of yours)

    Comment by cliff peloquin | April 14, 2012 | Reply

  2. I enjoyed today’s post Father! Always remember that YOU are a ‘source of happiness’ for many people! Hope you are feeling well. God bless you.

    Comment by Beth Doyle | April 14, 2012 | Reply

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