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The Resurrection Of My Spirit

My Ordination Mass Card

Some time ago, a vast area of Texas had received no rainfall for seven years.  The countryside took on the appearance of a moonscape – no vegetation, the topsoil three inches deep in dust, signs of death everywhere.  One day the real estate people, on an inspection trip, agreed that the land should go for a dollar an acre.  “Nothing will ever grow here again”, they said.

Then the rains came in torrential downpours for eight days, bringing about a miracle of NatureOvernight tiny flowers with blue blossoms, called sunbonnets, carpeted the prairies with a breathtaking beauty.  Shortly afterwards, crops of oats came up on farms where no one had sown oats for years.  Even more amazing, good fields of wheat grew after the oats – something hard to believe because no one had planted sees for wheat for an even longer time.

This story encourages me to look at the “landscape” of my inner spirit.  Perhaps I am selling myself short on the possible qualities of goodness that might lie hidden there.  A reader might be thinking: “I have ill will towards many people, something that will stay with me until death.  Despite all my efforts, I have never had this quality of love in my spirit.  My soul looks like a shambles, with little beauty in it.  These years thinking only of myself have drained all life out of it.  My destiny is set without any more changes to be made.”

“Nonsense!” says Jesus, the Lord of the Resurrection.  “You are not a hopeless case.  Start thinking of the person you wish to be.  Mention these qualities to Me in prayer at this Eastertime while having complete trust in My Power to bring these virtues into your life.  I am the Lord of Life!”

In past years, at Eastertime, I have thrilled at the changes the Risen Lord brought about in the lives of His friends.  How unhappy, discouraged and frightened the disciples were at the death of the Master, ready to return to catching fish for their livelihood.  Once the Lord appeared and talked with them, their mood of despondency disappeared.  Why cannot Christ do this for all of us, His followers in the 21st century?

I am going to spell out clearly for the Lord of Eastertime, the kind of person I desire to be.  Why should anyone be burdened with a short temper, with a careless tongue that slashes away at the self-esteem of others?  There is a better way to live, to bring peace to a violent world.  The Lord of the Resurrection will enter my desolate soul at my request and bring forth crops of goodness and beauty.

Tell others about the opening story above, especially those with sad faces and un-laughing eyes.

Fr. George Mc Kenna

The picture today is the Mass Card from My Ordination May 6, 1944.
On the back, the inscription reads: “Most Sacred Heart of Jesus I place my trust in Thee.”

April 8, 2012 - Posted by | Bulletins


  1. Happy Easter everyone from Oklahoma City

    Comment by Mike Derrick (former ATA Pilot) | April 8, 2012 | Reply

  2. God Bless you Fr Mckenna for your priestly ministry you’ve done well

    Comment by Paul Krueger | April 10, 2012 | Reply

  3. Hi Fr. George! It was wonderful visiting with you when I was in town this past weekend! You looked very good and I hope that you are feeling better and stronger each day. I spotted your bulletins (printed) when I was leaving and so took one of each and I read both bulletins to my mom – she loved this one! I also told a worker at her nursing home to read it when she had time. I love the inscription on your Mass Card from your Ordination. I say this routinely.

    I said a rosary in the Midway Airport Chapel today too and prayed for you and for my family. I love you, Fr. George. Stay well!


    Comment by Nancy Westvang | April 11, 2012 | Reply

  4. Fr. McKenna; You taught me algebra, at Quigley Seminary, long ago. It was refreshing to read your comments. The words touched my soul! I will pray for you each day. May The Risen Christ walk with you every day, in every way!
    Sincerely, Bob Kerrigan, San Diego, Ca

    Comment by Robert Kerrigan | June 3, 2012 | Reply

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