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Prayer Honors The Holy Spirit

Mary with Christ Child

Once, in 1994, a friend brought five roses, just budding, for the Shrine of Mary in our Airport Chapel.  I could hardly take my eyes off them – so rich with color and delicate beauty they were.  As I sat in the quietness of our little House of Worship at Midway Airport, I mused on what gifts God had poured into these fragile creations: here today and gone in a few days.

My mind wandered into thinking of my soul, my inner spirit, a creation to live forever.  What gifts God has planned for this garden spot in my life, the Home of the Holy Spirit!  If, for one moment, I could view this soul of mine and its Occupant, the Holy Spirit, I am certain I would die of ecstatic happiness.

Only prayer, conversation with God, will keep This Presence in my inner life!  Some day people might say to me, “Like all priests your age you have built up a big reservoir of prayer with all the Masses you have said and the many other prayers offered to God.  At this time of your life, you can take a rest and stop praying.”

I would answer, “Emphatically NOT!  You don’t understand how the spiritual life works!  I now pray harder and longer than ever before as I approach the end of the race.”  If I stopped praying and dropped out of touch with the Lord for a week or two weeks, I could easily give up all my ideals and values of the last 90 years!  Notice how in a horse race, a thoroughbred will bring out his best efforts in the last one hundred yards before the finish line.

In our residence we have a Chapel, a holy place where the Lord is present in the Blessed Sacrament in the Tabernacle 24 hours a day.  This Place of Prayer attracts me much as a bee is drawn to honey.  My chief priority of the day, after Mass, brings me to spend an hour of prayer before the Lord Who promised to send us the Holy Spirit.  These minutes fly by because I feel this time will provide the Holy Ghost within me with a fitting place of residence.

What wondrous gifts the Lord wants us to have in our souls!  With the Holy Spirit Present and Honored within us, all the beauty of the world comes to dwell in our spirits!  Daily and persistent prayer for each one of us will make this dream come true.  We all need to pray, because to do so, means we will survive the wickedness of the world we live in.  Prayer is not a luxury!  Make prayer a joyful experience!  Encourage other to Pray!  Teach the children!

Fr. George Mc Kenna

February 11, 2012 - Posted by | Bulletins


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  2. Your right on Fr Mckenna God bless I’m praying!

    Comment by Paul Krueger | February 12, 2012 | Reply

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  4. I always feel so much closer to God when I pray often and with deep meaning! Praying for you daily, too!
    Nancy Westvang

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