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A Shortage Of Love

St. Francis of Assisi

In 1994, a story that captured the headlines in our USA and in many parts of the world came from a small town, Union City, South Carolina.  A young mother confessed to the doing away of her two infant children, evidently for the sake of keeping the friendship of her boyfriend.  This revelation shocked all who had believed the mother’s story of the children’s kidnapping.

What the young woman did went against all the instincts of motherhood.  Only God can judge the troubled mother.  In this heartbreaking story we see the great shortage of love in our Nation.  In this absence of love in our culture, a vacuum exists.  Violence has rushed into this vacuum with a vengeance, filling our society with little appreciation for the value of human life.

Earlier in that same year, Mother Teresa of Calcutta spoke at a prayer breakfast in Washington D.C. with President Clinton in attendance . . . “I am not surprised at the level of violence in the USA.  This country gives a woman, simply on demand, the right to destroy the new life within herself, often times for the sake of convenience.  Should this Nation be surprised that its citizens are killing each other at a record level?” . . . Needless to say her words created quite a stir.

The outpouring of sympathy, rightfully so, for the two little boys reached amazing heights, but again, what about the millions of little ones dying cruel deaths in the wombs of their mothers . . . a place where they should feel most secure!  We need more love in our beloved country to offset this wave after wave of violence.  Even children are killing other children in this mad orgy of aggression.

Love has many faces:  kindness, gentleness, forgiveness, sympathy, understanding, courtesy, and respect for others, long suffering, and generosity.  We can light the candle of love and place it in the window of our heart, so that its brightness can roll back the darkness of hateful violence.  No one can do everything, but everyone can do something!

Once, in 1994, a husband and wife, employees at Midway Airport, gave me 8,000 pennies for the children of Haiti – money collected from the generosity of patron’s of the Airport’s cocktail bars.  These two loving people had been collecting that money for five years!  Every loving action we do, in some way, smothers the maddening fires of violence.

Pledge to ourselves . . . I will not allow cruel, harsh, hurtful words to cross my lips! . . . Ask ourselves . . . Do I fill the world with love?

Fr. George Mc Kenna

December 17, 2011 - Posted by | Bulletins

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