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The Man Who Met Christ

Old City Jerusalem

Back in the 1970’s, Charles Colson served President Richard Nixon as his first advisor.  On looking back, Colson described himself as being “ruthless” in obtaining his goals.  The Watergate scandal forced President Nixon out of office, while Colson received a six month sentence in prison for his part in the “cover up”.

This disgrace and loss of power brought Colson to his knees in despair.  Up to this time, the service of the President had been his “god”.  Before going to prison, Chuck Colson met an old friend, Tom Phillips, the President and CEO of Raytheon Corporation, one of the biggest companies in the USA.  Chuck saw a change in his friend.  A new peace and quietness had come into the words and actions of Tom Phillips.

Desperate to find some peace for his own life, Colson asked Phillips: “What has changed in you?”  Tom answered simply, “I have committed my life to Christ.”  The two talked far into the night after which Colson came away a shaken man.  Christ had never meant much to him, just a name from the Sunday school class.  He took the New Testament offered to him by Phillips to prison and in the following days gave his life and all his future to Christ.

With this growing awareness of Christ, Chuck Colson, in his prison days, looked about and saw the desperate condition of his fellow prisoners, men without hope for the future.  He gathered some of them and began, as Phillips had done for him, to instruct them in the words of Scripture concerning Jesus of Nazareth.  On leaving prison, Colson has made it his life work to start up these Scripture classes in prisons across the USA.

Today, volunteers in Colson’s prison apostolate hold Scripture classes and outreach for prisoners and their families in over 113 countries around the globe.  Chuck has visited more prisons than any other man in history, lecturing on the importance of giving hope to incarcerated men and women through an acquaintance with Jesus of Nazareth.

We too, have the chance to meet This Teacher from Galilee in the Scriptures, in the Eucharist and in the person of everyone we meet.  Perhaps we too, find ourselves in some frame of mind of despair and distress, as was Colson.  We really have not given Christ an opportunity to do something in our lives, not fully believing that He wants that much to relate with us in our sadness and poor spirits.

Pick up the New Testament and read the words and actions of Jesus of Nazareth, even just one page a day.  At least we can talk to Him on a one to one basis and share our feelings, our lack of faith in Him, and our loneliness in living.  We can commit our lives to Christ as Colson did!

The picture in today’s bulletin is of the Old City Jerusalem.  When I visit the Holy City, this is my residence, located at the 2nd Station of the Cross.

Fr. George Mc Kenna

December 3, 2011 - Posted by | Bulletins

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  1. Hi Fr. George! This was a beautiful story that you posted. I feel the same way, that people have so many problems but do not realize that they are obsessing about them instead of giving themselves and their situations up to God. I am trying to do that more and I am feeling more peaceful and calm.

    It was wonderful talking to you the other day, I am glad to know you and call you my friend. You are in my daily prayers.

    Love, Nancy

    Comment by Nancy Westvang | December 4, 2011 | Reply

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