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The Awesome Gifts of Life and Freedom

The Holy Family

December, 1991. . .  The last three American hostages came home from Lebanon to the USA, to their families and friends, to a new life.  After seven years of captivity, these weary men, Cicipio, Steen and Anderson, showed their joy and happiness in being freed of chains.  Now they had another chance to pick up the pieces of their lives.

Once again, they could make free choices in living out their days: to walk out on the streets, to stop at a friend’s house, to drop in at a White Castle for a hamburger and the thousand on once choices free people daily enjoy.

I felt a twinge of conscience about the casual way I have taken for granted all the everyday gifts I enjoy: the clean sheets on my bed, the companionship of family and friends, the warmth of my home, plus the freedom to make choices about my daily activities.

At this September, 2011, we could experience a time of personal enlightenment, namely, We have within ourselves the power to make choices about our personal lives.  How easy to blame others for our lack of peace, our unloving ways, our failure to deal with fears and anxieties.  Those people out there prevent me from being the person I want to be, in excusing myself from pursuing my goals.

The word choices came up again and again in my mind as I watched the homecoming of the hostages.  We have great forces for good within ourselves.  We need only unleash these mighty powers by making choices about our ideals.  No one can stop us.

We can choose to be a loving woman, man or child, to be a prayerful person, patient, forgiving, a happy member of the family.  Terry Anderson said, “I am a Christian and a Catholic.  I forgive everyone.”  This is the way it should be.  Begin today, in this Land of Freedom, by announcing to all, I choose to be happy.  No one can take this choice away from us.

In September, 2009, I spent two weeks in the Old City of Jerusalem.  The Palestinians living in and nearby this Old City face many daily restrictions of their freedom of movement.  A 30 foot high wall runs the length of their country with many checkpoints.  How much I enjoy being home in the USA!

Fr. George Mc Kenna

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