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A Story From The Past

A Treasured Possession

The Gospel of Mark speaks of people being spellbound
(fascinated, enchanted, entranced) at the words and actions of Jesus.  A few weeks ago, I had lunch with a former
student of mine.  I met him in 1961 at
Quigley, the Minor Seminary of Chicago, a day school.  His frequent trips through Midway Airport had
brought us together.  At our meal, to my
amazement, he told me of a story I had told his freshman class, high school
level, in 1961.

I spoke once a week to the 250 youngsters.  This story, my old student said, saved him
many times in past years from “going off the edge”, as he put it.  The story follows.  A young boy grew up in a small village with a
mountain overlooking it.  The people of
the village had sculptured the face of their local hero on the side of the
mountain.  In his lifetime, this hero had
done much good for the village and the outside world.

Every day, as the boy grew up, he looked up at this face on
the mountain.  At the same time, he
studied the man’s life and deeds.  Time
passed quickly.  One day, the boy, now a
grandfather and a revered person in the village, heard his grandson say, “Grandpa,
your face looks just like the face of the man on the side of the mountain.”  It was true!

John, my former student, then recalled how I finished the
story.  At that time, I said, if we look
upon the face of Christ steadily day after day and read of His Life in the
Gospels, our face will become like His: kind, gentle, compassionate,
peaceful.  In imitation of His Life, we
will show to the world about us His loving ways of living.

This meeting with John has affected my life greatly.  45 years ago, a priest friend of mine gave me
an original painting of Christ, with dimensions of four by three feet – a treasured
possession!  On the wall of my study
room, it shows Christ looking out at me at eye level, from His chest up, with
tears in His eyes – the Sorrowing Christ.
In the last two weeks, I have, once again, begun to study the Face of
the Lord more intently.  His Face is an
Image of gentleness, friendliness and tranquility.

Obtain a good Image of Christ.  Even a holy card might do good for the time
being.  Spend a few minutes each day
studying His Face.  Read a chapter of the
Gospels each day – start with Matthew.

Fr. George Mc Kenna

August 20, 2011 - Posted by | Bulletins


  1. Hi Fr. George! Love the new blog of yours – today’s story (the face in the mountain) was a beautifully written story. I so appreciate all of your wonderful stories that speak directly to the heart of the importance of loving Jesus. I will look at your blog daily – wonderful of your friend Joe to help you with this technology. I will pray for him to find work. Love, Nancy

    Comment by Nancy Westvang | August 26, 2011 | Reply

  2. Thank you dear Fr. George for your blog and for all the dear blessings and gentle counsel you so bravely and lovingly bring to our lives . . . can’t even imagine our life without you and your wisdom from the pulpit . . . and the wisdom from your heart . . . Your blog keeps us closely and wonderfully connected . . .What a blessing!

    “We have never stopped giving thanks for you.” Ephesians 1:16
    A hug, Mary Lou

    P.S. Especially thankful for your most understanding gentle counsel last Saturday morning!
    (And hope the package i left on the table at your entrance way found its way upstairs to you . . .)

    Comment by Mary Lou Wingert | September 5, 2011 | Reply

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