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Mary, A Mother of Love and Support

La vierge aux raisins

La Vierge Aux Raisins

Some years ago, on a Sunday afternoon, I was waiting in our parish Church, Our Lady of the Snows, for parents to bring their children for Baptism.  I heard a commotion at the entrance door.  A lovely little girl with golden curls, about four years old, came into Church with her mother.  But aren’t all little children lovely?  Her baby brother was about to be baptized.  As the girl came through the door, she kept crying out…”I want to see God!  I want to see God….”

Evidently, the mother had told the little one that God lived in this building.  The best she could, the mother pointed out the Tabernacle at athe far end fo the Church and the Man hanging on the Cross.  Because of a childhood sickness, the child’s legs hung limp and useless.  Her mother, walking behind her, supported her with her hands underneath he armpits of the girl.

As I watched them, I easily imagined the close ties between them.  The child depended on her mother for all her actions.  One could picture the many conversations that went on in the kitchen as the mother prepared the family meals.  Unlike other four year old children, the girl couldn’t run and play in other parts of the house.  They talked together much more than an ordinary mother and child.

This story might make us think of the Mother that Jesus gave us.  Are we not like the little girl in the story?  In our weaknesses we may stumble, but our Mother Mary walks behind us, holding us, supporting us lest we fall.  By whispering in our ears, Mary tells us in simple language about the Beauty and the Goodness of the Great God, about her Son, Jesus.  In our many conversations with Mary, our true Mother, we grow closer to Her in love and joy.

After the Baptisms, the mother asked me to bless her little girl so that health and strength would come back to her weak legs.  The child so wanted to run and play.  As a priest, another Christ, I begged God to make her whole.  So, too, Mary, our Mother, turns to the Priest, Christ, and asks Him to make us strong in body and Spirit.

Fr. George Mc Kenna

May 15, 2011 - Posted by | Bulletins

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