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Lord, Where Have You Gone?

The altar of the Church of All Nations (Jerusa...

Church of All Nations

One day, in the Holy land, I came to the Church of All Nations in the Garden of Gethsemane, just outside the Walls of the Old City of Jerusalem.  I planned to offer the Mass of Agony of Christ in the Garden of Olives.  Although a semi-darkness always fills the interior of the Church because of the purple colored windoes, I had to grope my way to the sacristy due to the lack of any light.  Later, a Franciscan Brother explained that a construction crew, working on the hill towards the Old City of Jerusalem, had by chance cut a power line providing electricity to the Church.

At my Mass, on the main altar, the only light came from the candles, otherwise on looking out into the main body of the Church I saw only pitch darkness.  For the scriptures, a Japanese nun came up and read them by the light of the candles.

How fitting to experience this complete absence of light in this place of Gethsemane where Jesus lived through the darkest hours of His earthly life.  So intense were His emotions of desolation and loneliness that the blood vessels broke under His skin and resulted in a bloody sweat.  Medical people testify to the truth of such a possibility.  He crided out in heart rending pain…”Father, if it be possible let this cup of suffering pass, but not My will, but Thine be done.”

At time, the dark night of the soul visits the followers of Jesus of Nazereth.  These trying hours fill the spirits of these people with dismay, leading to a cry of puzzlement on their lips…”Lord, where have You gone?  In these spells, a conviction may creep into their hearts that the Lord has left and deserted them in their weaknesses.

During these agonizing hours, the mouth, parched like a desert sand, has no tongue to speack words of prayer.  The swiftly beating heart makes the suffering one gasp for breath.  In the Responsorial Psalm 88, in the Mass I offered that morning were the words…”Throngs almost ocercome me…”

Blessed are those who persevere in faith in Jesus of Nazareth in these torments of the dark nights of the soul.  In these testing situations, a person can prove himself/herself not just a fair weather friend of the Lord but …. A friend for all seasons…..

Fr. George Mc Kenna

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The Music of My Heart

Jean Eudes (1601-1688)

John Eudes 1601-1688

When I visited Paris, I usually found lodgings with the Priests fo St. John Eudes at the Foyer Sacerdotal in the heart of the city.  A hotel-like hospice reaching to seven stories, the Foyer offers priests and religious passing through Paris a Chapel, dining services and a simple, clean room for reasonable rates.  Some 400 years agao, John Eudes founded this religious order with the goal to honor the Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

The St. John Eudes Priests use two intertwiding hearts as a sacred logo and symbol of their religious order.  They display this logo on all the floors of the Foyer Sacerdotal.  As I saw these symbols frequently, I began to think of their meaning.  Usually, the heart of a person stands for the spirit by which one lives out life.

A poet wonce wrote how people march through life differently because the drums in their hearts are beating out dissimilar music.  The heart provides music, the drum beat for the marcher in life.  I began to picture my heart as a third heart intertwined with the Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

Then, this human heart of mine, the seat of all my emotions, could beat in unison with the Hearts of Christ and His Mother.  In my imagination, I could picture the splendid emotions which charged up the beating Hearts of Jesus and Mary: joy, peace, love and tenderness.  As my heart joins itself to these two beating Hearts, it takes on their pulsating rhythm.

I find the love of God and others taking over my thoughts and actions.  The soothing music of my heart brings peace throuh my whole being.  Joy possesses my life as I realize how these Sacred Hearts have taken over the work of my poor, human heart.  Towards others, forgiveness flows out of my person because I am in the company of these loving People.  Hope reaches a level of complete trust in these two Persons whose Hearts I have linked to mine.

Anyone can experience this adventure by doing what I did above.  Draw out these three hearts and put it in a prominent place.  Prepare for glorious music!

Fr. George Mc Kenna

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