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Happy Heavenly Birthday Fr. McKenna

Today would be Uncle George’s 101st Birthday!  He first posted this family picture in 2012.  The picture appears to be from his sister Kay’s 1st Communion.    Probably taken around 1920/1921.  From Left to Right – Kay, John, Fr. George, Frank.

Prayers and Blessings to all, Joe

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Participating In The Mass

The following appeared in the September 8, 1991, Midway Airport Chapel bulletin.  Uncle George would often include other tidbits and writings in addition to his own short message.  The message below is attributed to Fr. Dennis Smolarski S.J.  When I came across this, I thought it fitting in today’s world.  We have been separated from our daily Mass and Eucharist because of the current pandemic.  If Father McKenna was still with us, I would imagine he would let us know that does not mean that we are separated from Jesus of Nazareth.  The teaching of Fr. Smolarski is relevant – as we use streaming services and videos to bring Mass into our homes – we need to help carry the message with us after the event.  Based on the suggestion, Fr. McKenna offered a theme for the Mass that September weekend.  Looking at Sunday’s Gospel, I think he would suggest the last sentence of John’s Reading as our theme: “Whoever loves me will be loved by my Father and I will love him and reveal myself to him.”      Peace, Joe

In the 1st Reading this weekend, St. Philip is featured in his travels to Samaria.
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Dennis Smolarski is speaking:

“Until I was 31 years of age, I was a layman, and I participated in the Mass as all lay people do – from the pew.  It was not always a satisfactory experience, so when I decided to seek Ordination as a priest, I did so with the hope of helping Christians enrich their experience of worship.  As a priest, I studied Liturgy intensively, I off the following idea as a help to you in your worship at Mass.”

“Carry the celebration out of the Church with you.  The Mass is, or can be, a significant religious experience.  God calls us together, speaks to us, and shares divine life with us.  For our part, we respond with praise and thanks by participating actively, both internally and externally.  It is not an experience to be left in the Church building, but taken with us.”

“One way of doing that is to distill the experience into a phrase or sentence.  Often, I find this coming out of the Readings or homily, but it can also come from our own internal reflection.  Such a summary makes a good focus for reflection during the week.  It can also be shared with others.  That kind of sharing is the final, and perhaps the most important way of participating in the Mass.”  – Fr. Dennis Smolarski, S.J.

Fr. George P. McKenna


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