God is Good!

Seek the Lord while He may be found!

Rejoice, Rejoice, Rejoice

Praise the LORD from the earth, you sea monsters and all the deeps of the sea; Lightning and hail, snow and thick clouds, storm wind that fulfills his command; Let them all praise the LORD’s name.
Psalm 148: 7-8,13

The Lord wishes us to be a joyful people, skipping along the road of life much like a child skipping on the way to school. Worry and anxiety play havoc with the physical body and the spiritual soul, breaking down the body’s defenses against diseases and filling the spirit with darkness.

When we constantly worry and feel anxious about life, we are placing ourselves at the center of the Universe, God’s Presence is being overlooked. In so many words, we are saying, “I must do all this by my own strength.”

I suggest a way of overcoming these powerful, negative feelings of worry, anxiety and despair. My way is simply this: give praise to the Lord!  When we praise God, He comes into our midst and all that He has, is ours.  His peace, joy, strength and love, just to mention a few qualities of His Presence, become one with us when we praise Him and invite Him into our lives.

Try something like this: Speak or sing “Sky and clouds, praise the Lord.  Thunder and lightning, praise the Lord.  Sun and moon, praise the Lord.”  Use all the things of creation in this Litany of Worship and Praise: Snow, rain, wind, oceans.  God then takes over the first place in our hearts.  Read and contemplate on Psalm 148, in itself a beautiful litany of God’s Creations praising Him!

I have made this plan a part of my life, much to my delight! Worry about the past or future, anxiety about the happenings of life, do not take over my mind.  A mighty peace fills my heart with my strong belief that I am telling the Lord that He stands as my Champion and Deliverer.  Through my saying of these praises He brings me peace.

Long time worriers and highly anxious people can change overnight!

                                                      Fr. George McKenna

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Many Come To Honor The Lord Of Divine Mercy

Our Divine Mercy Devotion at Holy Family Villa

I take the reader back 22 years – to Queen of Martyrs Church in Evergreen Park, Il. April 14, 1996.  To be exact it was 2:30pm.  An almost filled church awaits the start of the Prayer Service in honor of the Lord of Divine Mercy on this first Sunday after Easter.  This was the fourth year we had celebrated this inspiring, new Feast in Queen of Martyrs Church.  Pope St. John Paul II had announced the Feast in 1993.

In the opening procession, two men carried a large image of the Lord as He appeared to Saint Faustina. Born Helen Kowalska, in a suburb of Krakow, Poland, she entered Our Lady of Mercy Religious Order at age 20.  Sickly, with little education, she threw herself into the little tasks around the convent, doing all with great love for her Lord!

 In 1933, the Lord began a long series of visits to His humble servant, ending only in her death in 1938.  “Be a messenger of My Mercy to the world.”  Mercy means more than forgiveness.  It includes ways of showing love to others through kindness, gentleness, patience, healing and encouragement.  In the presence of the exposed Blessed Sacrament, the people assembled in the Queen of Martyrs Church offered prayers to the Lord of Divine Mercy . . . it was a beautiful, peaceful experience.




As the speaker for this occasion, I used the now familiar ABC schema made up by Saint Faustina, for fostering love for the Christ of the Divine Mercy.

  • Ask for His Mercy. God wants us to pray constantly, repenting for our failings, and asking Him to pour His mercy upon us and the whole world.
  • Be Merciful. God wants us to be a loving person, he wants us to receive His mercy and extend it to others.
  • Completely trust in Jesus. The more we can trust Jesus, the more of His mercy will be extended to us.


We should never grow tired in begging for Christ’s mercy, His encouragement, His guidance and support. Our trusting belief in His Love for us honors the Lord.  The truth tells us that the Lord’s Love for each of us remains always the same, whether we are saints or sinners.  When I sin in a serious way, Christ doesn’t turn His back on me.  His care and love continue to envelope me.

Jesus, I Trust In You!                                                                    Fr. George McKenna

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