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Laughter, The Best Of All Medicines

Fr. McKenna
Aug 2014

In a special place of my heart I cherish those men who helped me through the Seminary with their great sense of humor.  Without their laughter, their ability to see the light side of happenings, many of us would never have persevered to the end.  When I meet these men, now priests, I remind them of their contribution to my priesthood.

By laughing together, members of families build up a strong spirit of good will in their homes.  Wholesome fun will leave little room for those small brush fires that can destroy peaceful evening.  In such a fun atmosphere, children listen more easily and take a new interest in life and its happenings.

Nothing knits families closer together than laughter in the home circle.  A good laugh relaxes the whole physical frame of a person.  You enjoy meals more in a lighthearted atmosphere where you might share funny stories with each other.  Laughter, a happy-go-lucky spirit, can do wonders for your home.  People in love with God will find laughter close to their lips.  The world may be mixed up, but here in our home we are having a good time together.

A sense of humor, a willingness to be a little silly at times, can do untold good in easing the pain of living and the many emotional aches we experience in life.  By joining in laughter we lose our self consciousness and leave ourselves open to the words and messages of others.  We feel a greater inner harmony and fall in love with life, despite its problems and difficulties.

A smile on the face of a family member is like a rainbow in the sky, a promise of much good to come.  Be generous with your smiles!  A smile says, “I like you!  You are worth something!”  In this easy going atmosphere, you make better decisions and inspire each other to a higher style of living.  Practice Laughing!!

Fr. George McKenna


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Fr. George P. McKenna 1919 – 2019

Written almost 7 years ago, Fr. George didn’t realize that Our Lord was not finished with him yet. This is the second of two posts that Uncle George wanted at his wake and funeral last week.  His Blog will remain active for some time, with less frequency (monthly?), until his old writings have been depleted.  All who have met our Uncle, either in person, or through his written word attest to the fact that he was a Good and Faithful Servant of God. We are all blessed to have had him in our lives. He lived and died in the Peace of Jesus of Nazareth. He was a saint among us, and we thank God for his 99+ years! We thank each of you for your love and support throughout his rich and rewarding life, and we thank all his students, friends, old parishioners, volunteers, care givers and followers of his blog and books that came out last Thursday and Friday to pay your respect and share your wonderful stories with us.  Your comfort and love warmed our hearts.

Fr. McKenna’s Family

Palm Sunday April 17, 2011

As I celebrate the 9:00AM Mass at Midway Airport Chapel, for some 50 people, little did I realize that would be the last public Mass of my Priesthood of 67 years.

Palm Sunday April 1, 2012

I concelebrated Mass with brother priests. The last eleven months have been the most trying of my 92+ years. I have been in the hospital four times for no special sickness, just a general weakening of the body. I have spent the past 10 weeks in our nearby nursing home, Holy Family Villa. I hope to return to Bishop Lynne Retirement Residence for Priest in a short time.

This is my first writing since April 17, 2011. What can I tell you? Be sure to make a place for prayer while you are still in good health. I found conversing with the Lord difficult while I was in poor health. My prayer these days through difficult times is this: “Jesus, Mary and Joseph, help me to have the courage to live today.” My poor vision keeps me from any kind of writing. No more driving for me. As I sit in my room and see people hurrying across the roadway, I wonder to myself, “Are these people offering to God the gift of good health they are enjoying?” The ability to walk unassisted is a gift to be prized.

In 2012, my consolation is my blog on the internet at fathermckenna.wordpress.com. I have not been able to answer any letters. On the Blog, people can find a weekly bulletin that I wrote in the past every Saturday evening. We have been enjoying much success by means of the Blog. Tell others about it. God has been good to me. This is the name of the Blog – God is Good!

Even if I die soon, the blog will continue to go on due to Joe Tucker, my blog administrator and nephew. Enjoy our ordination class photo, there are only four of us left as I write this. God bless all who make known to others my Blog. I will remember you and yours in heaven. Hope I make it!

Fr. George McKenna

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